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It Could Be a Man Standing in Snow


Written and directed by Emanuella Amichai


Original show combining movement, video, and performance, composed of five personal works inspired by the participating actors, and expressing their multiple identities.



Tayyeb Badwe – Currently studying for a B.Ed. in special education.

Tayeb and his twin brother are deaf from birth. Growing up in Kfar Kassem he performed on stage in various shows.

Yaroslav Bernatsky – Grew up in Kaliningrad in Russia, now lives in Tel Aviv. Attended a school for deaf children. Loves to dance, perform, and film and edit videos.

Ariella Toholov – Visually impaired from birth, now almost completely blind. Leads an independent life, assisted by Alex, her seeing-eye dog. In recent years she has discovered her passion for the performing arts, which she works to realize day after day.

Sol Gabriel-Tal – Visually impaired due to an eye disease that has worsened since 2016. Lives in Tel Aviv and fulfills his love for the performing arts at Na Laga’at.

Mordy Weis – Deafblind, made aliya from the US over a decade ago. Actor at the Na Laga’at Theater for the past few years, starring in ‘Edgar’.

Length: About 60 minutes

Set & costume design: Dina Konson 

Music: Alon Peretz 

Music Editing Emanuella Amichai 

Video design: Yaara Nirel 

Video Concept Emanuella Amichai 

Lighting design: Lior Hoffman 

Director assistant: Shira Sofer

Selected Reviews:

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Photo: Benny Gam Zo Letova

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