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Multimedia theatre and video performance inspired by Aristophanes' Lysistrata.

A postmodern adaptation for stage and video

Aristophanes tells the story of Lysistrata and the women of Greece who proclaim a sex strike until their men put an end to the Peloponnesian War. In Lysistrata-X we find ourselves in a futuristic world, following the Lysistratian Revolution which didn’t end with the peace treaty, in fact, it developed and grew ever more extreme. The world is now ruled entirely by women; men are of only functional use.

At the head of the new revolution stands Lysistrata-X, a distant echo of the original gender warrior, who has evolved into a hybrid technological being. The women of this technologically-controlled world, structure their lives through futuristic as well as pagan practices. They perform ancient female rites alongside new Motherhood ceremonies.


Yet even in this dystopian reality, the individual might still strive against the collective consciousness in an attempt to find freedom through independent thinking.

Lysistrata-X is a magical futuristic journey into the struggle of the female spirit.


***LyzistrataX is the winner of the "2015 MOVE AWARD"  European quality label for outstanding visual theatre -

short interview about the project *scenes filmed here are taken from stage and light rehearsals:


By: Emanuella Amichai

concept, director &choreographer : Emanuella Amichai


video director &post production - Ran Slavin


Dramaturge:   Emanuella Amichai & Nitzan Cohen


producer & light design: Ofer Lachish, Alon Cohen


Dancers performers: Gina Ben David,Meirav Elchadef,Shani Ben Haim,,Olga Kurkulina.Yishay Ben  Moshe


Set Design : Emanuella Amichai & Ran Slavin


sound editing  : Emanuella Amichai &Ran Slavin


sound design :Ran Slavin


costume design & styling : Roni Yaniv


assitenet producer - MIcol Pietra


pictures-Michael cacoyanis foundation


picture no 5 - Din Aharoni

for the full production video please contact us.

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