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Thou Shalt Write


a litraturel theatrical performance.


Real life writer Sarah Blau, goes on stage with an autobiographical play, bringing  the story of a writer recovering a harsh breakup while trying to finish her current book : a renewed interpretation of the biblical story of Yael and Sisera.

In The course of one night, While Mental defenses and writing mechanisms are exposed, she wonders if  there is any difference between life and  creation.

A Real book is written, as live action during the performance in front of the spectators, and is available to  read  after the show, allowing a whole new aspect to the performance .



By: Emanuella Amichai&Sarah Blau

playwrite: Sarah Blau

Directing, dramaturgy and text editing: Emanuella Amichai

co-Dramaturg: Nitzan Cohen

Space design: Emanuelle Amichai

Original Music: David Gordon

Lighting: Amir Castro

Actress: Sarah Blau

"This Show a remarkable theatrical literature piece. go see" (GALTZ Radio)

"A spiky, engaging and entertaining perfromance,combining  literature and theater" (Nir Baram)

"smart,  funny  and sad...this is all about  the act of writing and the act of love. pure pleasure" (Noa Yadlin)

"a real Heart exposed on stage. unique Dialogue between writing and theatre . a must for female writers" (vitality Deutsch)


The show premiered on  "Center Stage" / Israel Festival 2014 Jerusalem.

also performing  at the "Khan" Jerusalem theater and "Tmuna" theater TLV.

video soon...









*picture: Iris Nesher

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