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The Neighbors Grief Is Greener

The Neighbor’s Grief Is Greener is a macabre visual performance taking place in a sterile and static setting of an Archetypal kitchen. It is inspired by the era of the suburban 1950's in the USA,  testing and re examining feminine cliches and feminine roles as portrayed through popular Media such as radio, television shows, musicals and more.


Creator & director : Emanuella Amichai

Dancers/Actors : Ayala Bresler-Nardi, Jérémie Elfassy, Merav Dagan, Meirav Alchadef, Tamar Levin

Light design : Erez Shwertzbaum

Original music : Tami Barak

Music Editor : Emanuella Amichai

Costume design : Amalia Nimrod,Yaarit Eliyho.

Stage design : Yasmin Harel, Emanuella Amichai

Show Length: 50 minutes


Winner of:

Best performance Quality Label MOVE AWARD

Best actors-

Valise International Theater Festival (Poland)

Best choreography and stage movement design-

Acco International Fringe theatre festival (Israel)

Best costume design

Acco International Fringe theatre festival (Israel)


performed in festivals worldwide including :Denmark-waves festival ,Belgium-crossroad festival,Germany-lachnes festival,Italy-arteven festival,Poland-valise festival, Stockholm -stoff festival, India- itfok festival, Spain-cos festival, and more.  (please ask for password)


From recent  reviews:


"A clarity of form. Impeccable technique. Cute tongue-in-cheek play with food in the good old performance art tradition of goo, gunk and sludge. Acute formalistic sense of the oh so postmodern cut-up and juxtaposing method, here of the nostalgic goods of the  American consumer culture from the 50's, including the image of The House Wife, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra....Great timing, charm and wit" ( "The performance cookbook testimonials" )

"..Boldly, brashly and bravely were the archetypal images of 1950s Americana – housewives, pinup gals, the hierarchy of popularity recreated onstage, stretched to the max and then turned upside down in colourful, extraordinary, bombastic fashion.

Every element layered and contributing to immediately transporting me to a different time and place; from costume silhouette, to the Frank Sinatra/Dragnet radio/I Love Lucy sound score, to the attitude of the ensemble." (Platform , Heather Caruso)

"In one word: wow!! This is one show that will rock your world"

(The culture buzz TLV)



"...The Creativity of the creator, turns these clichיs on their heads (literally, one of the dancers spends much of the show standing on her head inside a bucket) and make this show funny and painful but also aesthetic and extremely interesting"

(Time out- tlv)


"....The clarity of images created through clever movement and design (the revelation in the opening moments of a humorous cooking program turned murder scene is one of my favourite moments from Stoff 2013) married with a strong point of view led to a satisfying hour spent in the company of Emanuella Amichai.."

(Stockholm culture blog)



"...It works with balletically timed precision and induced effects which had the theatre packed three times a day, its audiences hoarse with laughter and cringing with realisations they'll be puzzling over long after they leave the show...(The jc)

*pictures by : Gadi Dagon, Nadia Pugliese

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