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Losing its meaning

I'm Afraid that if you look at a thing long enough,it looses it's meaning"(Andy Warhol)"


A visual theater work about the refined and confined, the rejuvenated and the deteriorated , the glorified and crucified human body.


Losing its meaning is a visual dance journey exploring the human body on its wonders and flaws.


A unique blend of professional actors and dancers and other professionals who have taken their bodies into the extreme (pole dancer, women bodybuilder, the elderly and more.) results in a deep exploration of the human body that is tackled from a fresh perspective.


 By challenging and reexamining the cultural myths regarding the human body, this work offers a different way of perceiving our own praised and condemned body.



Written & Directed by: Emanuella Amichai

Performers: Olga Kurkulina, Daniel Yetschaki, Adi Schlezinger, Meirav Elchadef, Julie Nesher.

Light design: Adi Shimroni

Stage design: Emanuella Amichai

Music mix: Tal Levi

Show Length: 50 minutes   please contact for password





*pictures by: Maayan Kaufman

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